Sunday, 21 March 2010

We're all going on a summer holiday......

.....well, I am.

I am off to the Netherlands in May. I am riding the Ronde van Nederlands, and have given myself 10 days to do it. before I bought the route map I worked it out to be roughly 600 miles. Now I have the route map I can see it is 750 miles. That's 75 miles per day. A few people have commented to me that it is a bit too much, but I am doing it regardless. I can always shortcut and use the train to catch up some miles if I get behind (but I don't want to)

Ronde van Nederlands

Anyone that wants to can read about my exploits here: Blog you like

Au revoir

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  1. Hi It is doable 75 Miles a Day,but could you do it every Day. I have often gone 75 Miles on a Spin or more when you count the Trip back Home again ,there and back.

    I have never done it every Day for a Week,I dont think I am fit enough. But if you do some long distance Training nearly every Day you will build up your resistance to fatigue . I suppose after the first Day you will be very tired but your fitness should improve as you go along.

    If you start off early every Day and not go to fast just at a nice speed you can cover a lot of miles without Killing yourself. Do 10 MPH for seven and a Half Hours will give you the 75 Miles. You normally can go much faster than that at an average of 15MPH,so as your fitness improves you should be able to cover more Miles in a Day.Take plenty of Water with you,you would be surprised how Tiring it is when Dehydrated.
    Dont forget to stop for Breaks and for Lunch.The Netherlands is mostly flat save for the Hilly South,I think it is Limbourg nice Forrest Country.