Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Bums on seats daahlings.......

Got me a new Brooks saddle:


Done 2.5 miles on it so far, will keep you informed as to how it beds in.


  1. Dont forget the Brooks Proofide Polish will you,give it a Lather on the Underside to Waterproof it and leave it there . Then put Polish on the Saddle Top for a Half Hour and Polish off then next 50 Miles then next 50 Miles then once in a Blue Moon especially when it Dries out if it happens to get wet.Try to keep it covered from the Rain. I have Three Bikes with Brooks Saddles and they are Acquiring the shape of my Underside B67, Brompton B 17 with Copper Rivets, Black B17 Champion Standard.
    I have found them more comfortable than Plastic or Gel Saddles once broken in.

  2. Yeah, have got some proofide and have polished it top and applied it to the bottom.

    Having issues with sliding forwards, but tilting it back puts pressure on 'down there'.

    I will get out at the weekend for a longer ride, and take a spanner with me to do some tinkering - I will more than likely slide it forwards a few millimetres at a time to find the sweet spot.

  3. I tilted the Nose up a Smidgin on the Black B17 on the Trek Bike and it worked but be careful, I was sliding forward as well until I fixed it. This Saddle is now about six Months Old and I had it on a Raleigh Pioneer LX and then put it on the New Bike as it is very comfortable now. The Bontrager Gel Saddle on the Trek was very Sharp and I just could not use it.I have too many Bikes now and possibly I will get Rid of the Raleigh,but it is a Solid decent Bike good Quality with Puncture Resist Kenda Tyres ,Fast enough but not that great for Hills.

  4. They have a Brooks Racing Saddle with a Portion cut out of the Top for Comfort and with Ties to Lace up the sides. I dont know whether it would last very long and it is Dear to buy. I seen them in my Local Bike Shop,something for the Afficionado's

  5. hiya paul! Yeah...my b17 has about 2200km on it and it still causing me trouble at about km 50 of the day...at that point I become very 'aware' of my backside for the rest of the day. Have proofhided it and whatnot, but maybe not using the spanner enough...keep us updated on how you get on with it!
    Also - many thanks for all your support on my blog! Much appreciated

  6. I always seem to 'slide' forwards on it?

    I will try moving the seat forwards a bit, then ride again, and see if it settles. When perched on the 'sweet spot' the pressure I used to feel on the old seat is gone. I think it is down to the increased surface area the weight is spread over.

  7. Hello Vinko, no probs on the blog, it's an interesting read.