Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Mmmmm it's getting cold out there...

So, as I scraped a thin layer of ice off my car this morning before going to work (don't worry I returned to use the bike this afternoon) I thought, 'The roads will be slippy, better take care'.

Obviously such risk assessing didn't take place in the mind of the driver of the small silver Citroen I saw in the hedge bottom a mile down the road. It looked like it had rolled and every panel had a 'textured' look to it. There was an abundance of 'police aware' tape on it so I carried on.

Just before I finished work I could hear all manner of sirens out of the window.

"What's going on?" I asked our driver, just pulling into the yard.

"There's a car on it's roof just out of the village", he replied

I rode a slightly different route home on my detour route to get miles in, and could see over the fields that the crash was in the same place as the one that morning.

Well, at least that's two of them that might now give icy conditions a little more heed?

Hope springs eternal.


  1. I see it here too. People seem to think that when they put winter tyres on their car, they can ignore the road conditions- It's like a talisman.

  2. That is the best thing about a Bike ,you immediately feel the Effects of the Road. Is it Slippy will I skid,I think these Tyres are only suitable for Summer better change them. Whereas in a Car you are Cocooned against the Environment in a Metal Cage and do not really know how your Tyres are feeling. If on a Bike you are at one with the Environment and you arrive at your destination Invigorated full of Vim and Vigour. If arriving by Car you feel totally Unhealthy Coughing and Sneezing immediately on getting out of the Motorcar.

    See all the other Unhealthy People Coughing and Spluttering arriving into Work with Dark Circles under their Eyes and most of them overweight because of not getting out of their Cars more often.