Friday, 6 November 2009

R.I.P. Chris Benn

Possibly the nicest bloke I have every met. He was a real down to earth bloke that loved a pint on a Friday night, and loved motorbikes, a passion we shared. I don't wish to dwell over his passing - suffice to say he was robbed of his life.

I will always remember with affection how, for a small bloke, he could drink me under the table. Also, the last time I was ill through drink it was due to (unsuccessfully) trying to keep up with Chris.

So many happy memories. Cheers mate.

His parting shot as we went to our respective abodes after our Friday night 'sessions' was a quote from his favourite film, Mad Max: "See you on the road, Skag"

Well, it is with a heavy heart that I am sat here now, on a Friday, looking at his picture and pulling a teary smile - "Yeah mate, see you on the road"

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  1. Very sad, know how you feel. Lost a good mountaineering pal to cancer a few years ago, still think of him. The bast$rd made us carry his ashes to the top of his favourite peak on a really skaggy day. We carried his coffin in to the sound of the Love Cats, I'll always smile and think of him when I hear that song.