Monday, 7 September 2009

Car free

I am toying with the idea of going car free.

As a family we have two cars. Mandie has a Vauxhall Signum, and I have a Smart Car. I work 2.5 miles from home, so cycling there is not a problem, and I do ride 3/4 days a week year round, just need to pop home on the odd day, so I use the car to speed up the trip (rural). I have good wet-weather gear, and am physically up to the task.

Mandie works 6 miles away, and has to drop our daughter Roisin off at nursery 3 miles in the opposite direction. Her day therefore is a 24 mile rural commute. There are no buses, trains or other people to car-share with.

Shopping-wise, our local big shopping centres are either 20 or 30 miles away, with a small town 6 miles away for most of the grocery-type stuff - although this is a 22 mile round trip on a bike as I try to avoid all the main roads.

I think we can justify Mandie's car, but I am struggling to justify keeping mine.

If I sold it I would have a nice little pot to spend on the family, no insurance to pay, no VED, and best of all no petrol to buy (I spend about £10 every 6 weeks or so).

Mmmmm, now do I go for it?

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