Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Schools ban the 'School run'

Well, it would be a good start.

All they have to do is write to all parents living within say a 4 mile radius of the school and tell them they will be no longer welcome to drop children off in a car. The they will have to arrange transport, be it public or shared.

Or even, perish the thought, the kids could cycle in or be ferried in on the coolest bikes in the world:

This will unclog the streets, and will have the infectious effect of showing an upcoming generation the advantage of cycling.


  1. Mostly children here ride their own bikes. However, you do see bakfietsen used to transport pre-school children.

    While very few Dutch children get driven to school, those parents who do so create a nuisance. You may be interested to know that Groningen has banned parking a car near most schools around school commute times, and that this is spreading across the city (and the country). It's the subject of a future blog post when I've got all the information together.

  2. My daughter is almost 18 months old, and I am looking forward to 'Baksfiet'ing her to school, and chatting to the mums in their cars and shaming them into leaving the death traps on the drive.

    Just got to get a Baksfiet - A friend has one that he might be selling.