Sunday, 6 September 2009

Curious mindset 2

Just got in from a lovely 17 miles in the countryside. Pulling the Spokey Joe trailer with my daughter Roisin in, partner Mandie riding her own bike. Quiet roads, hardly any traffic, in fact only 6 or so cars passed us, so I would count that as quiet. We went to a local farm shop for ice cream and to get some bread and milk. I was the last customer in the shop, and as I walked out I heard a woman say to an older woman, "That can't be safe, the little one in the trailer, bless her..?

Not being the most confrontational person I let it slide. Not 5 minutes later the aforementioned women left the shop with a little girl. They got into a van (no back seats) the little girl on the passenger's lap (no seat belt) and drove off.

Was the irony lost on everyone but me?

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