Wednesday, 16 September 2009


Can someone please tell me what the point of having them is, if no-one uses them?

I regularly see people driving along, braking and just turning into junctions, across traffic, and plain stopping at the side of the road with no indication what so ever.

I wonder why this is? I assume they have a driving license, so have had to pass a test which would require them to indicate. I think it is both selfish, and also indicative of a total ignorance to their surroundings.

I had one last night - negotiated a right turn and 2 roundabouts with no indicators, so I over took it as it was going slowly (45 in a 60). In the next village it caught me up (speeding - 40 in a 30) and I guessed it would be going the same way as me (due to its general direction so far).

So instead of indicating at the junction I just braked and turned left. The driver of the car behind did the same - no indication, but blew its horn at me, over took and flashed its indicators on and off - as if to tell me to indicate!!

Mmmm. It's ok for you to drive around like the new recruit to MI6 secret service, but as soon as someone doesn't indicate you don't like it?


  1. Where you ever Cycling along and coming to a Junction when A Car Shoots in Front of You then suddenly Turns when you are going Alongside Him with No Indicator and Nearly Takes your Front Wheel off.

    Or on other Occasions when going through a Crossroads A Car comes from the other Direction of the Road Oncoming and suddenly Turns right in Front of you with no Indicators. It Shakes you up,quite a few Misses over the Years. It seems to be a Modern Phenomenon I did not notice it so much Years ago. Sometimes there is a Squeal of Tyres and Smoke from Burning Rubber when they do it.

    Or on other Occasions they suddenly Turn Left up a Long Driveway with no Indicators right in front of you as if they do not even see you. The Big Luxury Cars and Big Houses seem to have the Worst Motorists. In like Flint like the Name of the Picture with Jame's Coburn, Mr Flash.

  2. Bad driving has been around since the wheel was invented, and won't change. It would be nice to see a small improvement, but I'm not holding my breath.