Sunday, 6 September 2009

Curious mindset 3 - Prime Directive

A few weeks ago I had a prat in a 4x4 pulling a caravan overtake me coming through my village. I was doing 30, in a 30 and he crept by, but couldn't get by quick enough for the oncoming traffic, so pulled back in pushing me to the kerb. I punched the side of the caravan and screamed at him. Needless to say he carried on regardless, and by the time I got my composure back to get his reg, another car overtook, pulled in behind the caravan and blocked my view. The car that overtook second gave me PLENTY of room, having seen me hit the caravan and scream blue murder at the driver.

Prime directive - got to get past the cyclist at all costs, even if they are doing the speed limit.

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